Cityscapeeast in 66 East, Centre for Urban Culture, Sumatrastraat 66 Amsterdam

Wednesday 23rd of February - Sunday 27th of February 2005


Cityscapeeast is a project by Buro jan-ZE* which deals with changes in the public domain of urban landscapes.

Buro jan-ZE presents photographs of the commemoration of the death on the mobile Dam Square in front of the Reichstag in Berlin; Bordersongs - recording the former Wall; waste landscapes - drawings of the collection of leftovers on the former Wall; a map with an invisible border of Amsterdam east in 2005 and a drawing of the border of Amsterdam east in the year 2000; two models: one of the public space in the Indonesian Neighbourhood of Amsterdam and the other of Manhattan - New York.

A workshop will take place during the exhibition.

* Buro jan-ZE Network: N. Gelijsteen, H. Koning, I. Janze, M. Turnbull


Opening times

Wednesday February 23 [11.00 - 17.00] open studio Irene Janze: The making of the Javastraat
Thursday February 24 [11.00 - 17.00] open studio Irene Janze: The making of the Javastraat
Friday February 25 [14.00 - 20.00]
Saturday February 26 [12.00 - 20.00]
[17.30 - 18.15] lecture Cityscapeeast by Irene Janze
[18.30 -19.00] lecture proportional space models by Helena Koning
Sunday February 27 [12.00 - 18.00]

Saturday lectures:

Cityscapeeast by Irene Janze
The lecture Cityscapeeast will guide you through the imbedding and brief history of Cityscapeeast itself. The presentation is about the backgrounds of the products, waste - landscapes, public models and the quest of the mobile Public Centre of the Netherlands. Cityscapeeast takes you on an expedition. From the Indische Buurt of Amsterdam the journey will take you to the Dam square before, during and after the wedding ceremony of the Crown Prince of Netherlands via New York City to Berlin. Bon voyage.

Proportional space models by Helena Koning
From the two models exhibited at 66 East, one of the Indische Buurt and one of Manhattan, the translation of the feeling of space in the city into a proportional space model on the principle of the urban factor will be discussed.