Some contributions of participants at the IB exhibition, may 2000. (out of the IB catalogue, Buro jan-ZE. The catalogue is bought by the Amsterdam Municipal Archives)
Baptise the rice boats. M. Pollen, visual artist. M. Pollen had placed a prescription in the local and national newspaper how to built little boats from rice, butter and pepper and ask the visitors to bring their own home- made boat.. This project referred to the spices and rice brought to the harbour of the Indonesian neighbourhood against the blowing of the wind by ships from East Indian Company. Goods destined for the rich merchants in Amsterdam. Now those goods are a a part of the street image of the neighbourhood. M. Pollen wanted to pay honour to the circulation of goods. The boats, mainly made by children, were placed upon a board, sponsored by construction work company building the new houses north of the area.. The boats were baptised with champagne and placed in the drainage canal next to the exhibition space. Because of the direction of the wind the board surfed eastwards. Birds and rats picked up the rice scattering it around.


M. de Natris, radiobroadcast: gamelan waves in the ether

 Berlin, wastelands former wall.
 Michael Turnbull, composer, citychorales berlin wall