Buro jan-ZE

is een hub van wissellendevormensamenstelling, dat zich bezig houdt met de vraag: Hoe lang is een gedachte?

BJ is initiated by the artist Irene Janze in 1999

Ruimte is een verschijnsel wat door vele actoren wordt geproduceerd. Door ondergrondse en bovengrondse actoren, door toeval, hiaten, aaneengeregen of in staccato. Het doet zich voor in allerlei soorten en maten: gevouwen, opgerold, uitgestrekt, gebogen en verknipt. Ruimtelijke grammatica  vertaalt  in (stedelijke) landschappen. Hoe beinvloeden die landschappen ons en ons dagelijks leven?

Buro jan-ZE

is a hub of varying shape and composition, pursuing the question: How long is a thought?

Artist statement: Through research and interventions the performative dimension of (semi)public places are investigated and tools are developed to enforce human agencies entangled in that particular place.

How do (urban) landscapes affect our perception of ourselves and the world around us? Do they shape the way we move through our daily lives? Installations and workshops are constructed by weaving information into a complex, associative scape or matterealities. Buro jan-ZE initiates and monitors projects and routes.  Cityscapeeast is a project about changes in the public domain of urban landscapes. Blueprint the Netherlands are interventions in (semi)public places or events. Projects of Buro jan-ZE are executed by a network of multidisciplinary professionals, e.g. visual artists, sound artists, architects, writers, poets, radiomakers, scientists and lay people. They work closely together without loss of their own specific skills and methodology. Look at Radio Orbino, a light - and sound sculpture along the N242 or the realization of a pocketvest parc at the Soembawastraat in  Amsterdam. And what to think of Logolength Zuidas, a mathematical, artistic research about the length of logos on the Zuidas in Amsterdam.

 The course of Buro jan-ZE is not completely mapped out. What Buro jan-ZE does is provided for by what is happening around us and what everybody finds important in his or her own life on the moment of collaboration. Through its reflectivity it  tries to create a transformation in already existing (semi) public places. The catalogues, booklets, articles, lectures and stories of Buro jan-ZE want to contribute towards consistence and continuity. Products of Buro jan-ZE stay on the raod.